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AIBC 2019 — Spring Edition

Category: Branding Trailer / Release Date: 2019

Project: The Future is Now - Malta AI & BC Summit (EP 08) Becoming The New World (Trailer)

Objective: Scale AIBC Summit’s image & brand along with it’s sponsors and partners headlined by Blockchain Entrepreneur and future U.S. Presidential candidate Brock Pierce.

Time in pre-production: 6 days Time in production: 3 days Time in post-production: 4 weeks

SiGMA Groups’ 2nd Blockchain gathering following a long crypto winter is the Spring Edition of it’s original Matla AI & Blockchain Summit. SiGMA being an ecosystem for several emerging tech industries has partnered with us the 2nd time to co-produce this film and create a memorable and exciting recollection of a gathering that headlined the end of crypto winter with BTC price rising to $8k and bringing together at least 6000 confirmed attendees. We believe to this day that this is our best TFIN episode thus far in terms of cinema, emotion, music, storyline and guests. Featuring Tone Vays, Brock Pierce, Toufi Saliba, Anna Frankowska, Carla Maree Vella and many other front-runners within the Blockchain space.