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Brock Pierce 2020

Category: Social Media / Release Date: 2020

Brock Pierce 2020 - Blockchain Healthcare
Brock Pierce 2020 - Blockchain Voting
Brock Pierce 2020 - Philanthropy In Puerto Rico
Brock Pierce 2020 - Puerto Rico: Taking Us Into The Future
Brock Pierce 2020 - Small Business Entrepreneurs
Brock Pierce 2020 - Digital Goods To Digital Currencies
Brock Pierce 2020 - Changing The World
Brock Pierce 2020 - Blockchain Governance

Project: Brock Pierce for President 2020 #BrockTheVote

Objective: Create connecting content, appealing to the Blockchain community & beyond for Brock Pierce’s Presidential run in the 2020 General Elections of the United States of America

Time in pre-production: 2 days Time in production: 2 days Time in post-production: 2 weeks

Brock Pierce is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former actorknown for his work in the cryptocurrency & Blockchain industry dubbed the “Crypto billionaire”. As a child actor, he was in Disney films ‘The Mighty Ducks’, ‘D2: The Mighty Ducks’, and ‘First Kid’. He was an independent candidate in the 2020 United States Presidential Election. Our task was to create one general branding short-film appealing to the tech audience and 10 short social media visuals to scale Brock’s campaign messaging. Our short film for this case became the number one watched video on Brock’s Youtube channel with over 80k views and overall received great feedback from prominent political thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the United States and beyond.