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Documentary Films
Branding Videos
Commercial Ads
Music Videos

Our aim is to create 'connecting content' for your brand. Build trust through cinema, emotions and feelings to inspire and attract community towards your company or product. A well structured visual presentation for a company or a product can make an impressive difference in the overall marketing results and ultimately sales. We do our best to get to know you, evaluate and present you with several options that will lead to the production of a media package which in the end — you will be proud to show the world.

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Voiceоver & Dubbing
Mixing & Mastering
Radio Ads

We have over 10 years experience in voicing and producting everything from radio commercials, dubbing films, TV commercials, to almost any type of text for practically any type of content. From celebrations to international commercials for all kinds of brands and products. We are happy to construct a full package of production and/or audio services for your video product and bring your visuals to the next level with our audio dubbing, mixing and mastering services.

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Social media marketing is an effective way to attract an audience and build a community for your project through social networks, blogs and forums. We offer a simple all-inclusive solution for your digital marketing needs. Digital-analysis and conversion optimization from our experts allows for complete control of 'effective factors' behind your investments into ad campaigns - so you see the ROI on your social media marketing, tweaking and working with what yeilds results while dropping the options that don't drive traffic to your company.

Blockchain Visual Marketing

In a space filled with scams and uncertainty, and the days of mass crowd-funding (ICO's) essentially over, we look for ways to create connecting content for your blockchain business in a way that will stay in the hearts and minds of the audience (potential investors).

Unlike traditional graphic explainers, which simply go into one ear and out the other, our blockchain visual marketing solution uses documentary style filmmaking to acquaint the viewer with your project, the problem you plan or are resolving while showing in detail the solution (proof of concept or working MVP).

Building trust through cinema by connecting the audience with your vision, your team, your background and the execution plan in a short 6 to 10 minute film that will inspire your audience both emotionally and financially to join your community.

We also as an option, couple this with targeted crypto & fintech top tiered PR package allowing you to get the best reach and performance out of your newly created blockchain visual package with Oneday Productions.

New Lexus ES

September 15, 2019

Oneday Productions releases a promo commercial for the new Lexus ES. A visual presentation of the new Lexus ES for one of […]

Russian Roulette

September 5, 2019

Oneday Productions releases a political investigative documentary. The aim of the film is to show the viewer the bad and the good […]

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019

August 10, 2019

Oneday Productions releases another film on the famed Malta Summit, the re-branded Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019 created by SiGMA’s Eman […]

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We are a team of seasoned professionals with experience in different layers of media production — from film production, smart emotional ads and company branding films to radio ads as well as innovative commercials which facilitate cinema and catch the eye while propelling your brand to the next level using the latest methods of neuromarketing and digital promotion.


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