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Earth Action Forum 2023 COP28

Category: Branding Trailer / Release Date: 2023

Project: Earth Action Forum 2023 COP28

Objective: Create a short branding event trailer for EAF or Earth Action Forum 2023 which will be held in December 2023 around COP28. EAF proposes a pop-up Davos venue style event for major companies such as Bombardier, Panasonic etc to establish a space in a Megaplex venue that features 12 movie theaters, 2 restaurants, arcade zone with bowling, a jungle gym for kids and conference corridor exhibition space. The event will encompass all ages to partake in the exhibitions of major companies fighting on the front of SDG's and showcasing what they are doing to contribute to saving the environment.

Time in pre-production: 1 day Time in production: 2 days Time in post-production: 1 week