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We scale your company, your image and your reach

We create a data driven, audit based marketing campaign including traditional PR, high quality visual connecting-content, analytical development and digital marketing in order to scale your brand and your product

1 Image Making

Inspire trust, create a community and scale your brand with our approach to visual marketing & cinematic branding by creating connecting content that stays in the viewer's hearts and minds. Emotions & feelings — main tools of neuromarketing.

2 Global PR

Create tailored organic top-tiered fintech and business media editorial publication campaigns across major publishers in industries of Emerging Tech, Blockchain & AI, Cannabis and iGaming, or any industry media of your choosing.

3 Full Project Audit & Strategy

Find out about your companies full SWOT assessment which is paired with a tailored strategy from technical to business and image development, creating a one stop solution guide for all your business development needs.

4 Data-Driven Digital Marketing

We create data-driven SMM & digital marketing campaigns across all platforms from push-notifications to Appstore & direct traffic. Quality traffic and best CPM/CPA rates are our specialty, driving new users, potential investors and customers to your business.

Visual marketing & image making (B2B/B2C branding films)

We script, film and produce a 3-6-10-20 minute documentary-style explainer film that combines emotions & feelings with cinema aimed to form a powerful connection between your brand and community in order to create trust with the viewer & potential investor. Unlike an explainer film which simply goes into one ear and out the other — our image-making stays in the viewer’s hearts and minds.

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Real estate visual marketing

We’ve tailored a unique way to present real estate projects through compelling scripting, actors, details and emotion to connect the potential realtor or buyer to the property, engage communication and prepare a funneled lead through our approach to visual & digital marketing in one product. From commercial real estate to construction companies — we scale your company, branding and products.

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Social media visual marketing

А short video format (15-30-60 sec) fit for any small to large business, including HORECA and beyond to practically any sector interested in sophisticated, well scripted and versed punchy messaging tailored specifically for social media marketing. From a local flower shop to a U.S. Presidential Campaign. There is no obstacle in visual messaging we can’t undertake.

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Event visual marketing

Creating memories that when watched, you want to relive again! Event visual marketing is our specialty, from our flagship The Future is Now film series to various events we’ve covered and branded through cinema and connecting content. We can cover your event from a wedding to a luxury brand showcase or a world-wide fintech conference in a way that scales and makes your event sizzle with memories and experiences that attract interest and stay in the viewers hearts and minds.

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Create editorial or direct product branding within any visual medium, from a car commercial to an editorial placement within a compelling documentary film with world wide digital distribution on giants like Amazon Prime & Netflix.

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Production process

1 Pre production

Everything starts from pre-production, the first stage of creating a media product. We create a brief and several possible synopsis/draft scripts. After which we create a price based on everything that was desired in the project and confirmed in the initial script.

2 Production

Production is the second stage of creation in the world of media making. The filming stage. Our branding films take no longer than 2 to 7 days to shoot while smaller commercial ads or dubbing, voicing or mastering gigs depending on the size take no more than 2 days to execute.

3 Post production

And the final stage which is the post-production. After the pre-productuion and filming (production) process has been completed, the raw material is then handed over to our editors who will closely follow the synopsis or initial script and create a polished product, presenting a draft version to our clients for review. Once everything is to our client's liking, we seal the deal with the master version.

Portfolio Showreel

For best results include digital marketing

Pair any of the above visual products with our in-depth audit and analysis, global PR & digital marketing for best results.

1 Digital

We offer a simple all-inclusive solution for your digital marketing needs, from push notifications, to App-store ads, Linkedin, TikTok and more.

2 Social

Social Media is an effective way to attract an audience and build the community around your project through social networks, blogs, forums and communities.

3 Analytics

This is a systematic gathering of information about your ROI and advertisement campaigns. Digital-analysis and conversion optimization allow for complete control of cost-effective factors behind your investments into ad campaigns.

Social media marketing

We create SMM campaigns and use our expertise to make sure your money gets you the result you want. Best conversion rates are our specialty, driving new users, potential investors and customers to your business.

Traffic & leads

We create traffic streams for our partners in the industries of Blockchain, iGaming, CBD & disruptive tech, as well as any online or offline business. Our targeting managers have access to some of the best CPM/CPA rates available.

iGaming affiliate marketing

We have access to pools of iGaming regulars always looking for new and exciting platforms in the space. If you fit that description then this traffic and customers conversion generation service is for you.

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Create your brand identity, logo and slogans, and most importantly funnels to convert our leads into your clients.

Brand identity & design cases

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Digital development & design (back end/front end) cases

Full circle case — Vins-Ug construction company (vinsug.ru)

Includes full redesign of brand identity, including logo, website redesign and development, creation of a branding video for scaling of the company's message and services.

Rebrand yourself today

Vins-ug before Oneday interaction

More cases


1 Radio

Creating radio spots is still a modern and effective way to promote any products or services. The main objective behind voicing and creating radio commercials is that the underlying core of it is a high quality, well informing ad that will attract attention and spike interest of the listener.

2 Dubbing

A voice-over for any video section is dubbed by our professional team of voice artists both American and British nationals, with experience of working at American and Russian English speaking radio stations as well as media production companies. This allows for the creation of a high quality voice-over which would go well with any medium such as a corporate video, a short film or a commercial advertisement. The end result is a professional voice-over of the highest standards.

3 Mixing & Mastering

We offer a full package of audio services: mixing, mastering, music composing, as well as instrumentals for your particular sound needs.


Oneday consulting

We guide you along every step of the way, from scripting and analysis which will ensure the path to creating the best strategy, visual products, PR & Marketing products to ensure success in achieving your KPI goals.

True partner

Our core values are symbiotic — with being a true partner to you, with respect, unquestioned integrity, ethics and values that can be trusted as we are side by side with you to grow your brand in a symbiotic relationship together, to create jobs, prosper the community and leave a mark in this world while disrupting the space by creating positive social impact.

Bullet-proof set of skills

We are an empathetic boutique consulting firm with a world class team that has a bullet-proof set of skills. Our expertise and our life experience help us relate to every situation, visualizing the obstacles before they arise — such as extra funding, setting up a pilot project in a 3rd world country, getting that license to operate in a fluid jurisdiction, getting listed on a top tiered exchange and most importantly having a positive image to do so. There is no obstacle we can’t undertake.

Pricing & Packages

Miguel Francis-Santiago

CEO & Founder, Head of Marketing

Miguel Francis-Santiago has spearheaded new media for disruptive technology across international news networks, as well as visual branding, product placement and image making for real estate, auto commercials, individual businesses and beyond. He is a seasoned image-maker and digital marketing executive with 15+ years experience in the internet industry, production, PR, SMM, media journalism, and filmmaking.

Mark Hamade

COO & Head of Consultancy

Mark Hamade is a 20+ year strategic visionary and innovative leader. He is globally minded and globally well connected, maintains business relationships in over 50 countries, including those with the wealthiest economies. He has raised/managed/assisted with over $800 million with 50%. He heads the Consultancy arm of the company, strategically propelling our partners to new heights in their global endeavors.

Vlad Antonov

CTO & Head of Analytics & Audit

Vlad has extensive experience in business audit & assessment as well as traditional + crypto market analysis. Being a former Data Analyst at Apple, Vlad possesses in-depth knowledge of computer networks, ethical hacking and cyber security which allows him to consult projects from business data and technical perspectives. Vlad’s former political campaign experience in the E.U., has given him the crucial talent of analytical scripting, strategy and execution.
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