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Category: Branding Trailer / Release Date: 2020

Project: VINS-UG 2.0 Rebranded

Objective: Create visual marketing tools to enable VINS-UG to stand out from the competition while completely rebranding it’s brand identity, logo, website and thus elevating its image while scaling its brand and services to a new level in the shortest time possible, all of this happening while being in full lockdown in April 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 panic.

Time in pre-production: 1 day Time in production: 1 day Time in post-production: 7 days Time to complete the full circle case: 30 days

VINS-UG is a premiere construction company based out of Moscow, Russia, which offers general contractor services, general design, engineering, development of solutions for engineering networks, environmental design and overall construction management.