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The New Lexus ES

Category: Commercial / Release Date: 2019

Project: The New Lexus ES — Visual Marketing Video

Objective: Create brand visuals surrounding the release of the new Lexus ES for marketing and sales purposes for one of the leading official Lexus dealerships in Mosocw, Russia. The objective was to target both Russian and English-speaking clients, many of whom live in Moscow.

Time in pre-production: 2 days Time in production: 2 days Time in post-production: 10 days

In 2005, Lexus completed an organizational separation from parent company Toyota. This effort coincided with Lexus' launch in its home market of Japan and an expanded global launch of the brand in markets such as China. Executives aimed to increase Lexus sales outside of its largest market in the United Stastes. To accompany this expansion, next generation Lexus vehicles were redesigned as "global models" for international release. In the European market, where Lexus had long faced struggling sales owing to low brand recognition, few dedicated dealerships, and 1990s import quotas, the marque announced plans to introduce hybrid and diesel powertrains,increase the number of Lexus dealerships, and expand operations in emerging markets such as Russia.