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Futurion NFT & DeFi

Category: Branding Trailer / Release Date: 2021

Project: Futurion NFT & DeFi EcoSystem

Objective: Develop a short branding trailer for Futurama Ecosystem (Futurion Finance) outlining the history of art as well as NFT's & DeFi to hint at the range of possibilities in this new and dynamic economy that is now being enabled by Futurion.

Time in pre-production: 5 days Time in production: 3 days Time in post-production: 2 weeks

Futurama EcoSystem part of Futurion Finance, is developing a scalable and fully functional blockchain powered platform with a completely unique hybrid NFT & DeFi ecosystem for the mass market with a focus on CryptoArt and the creation of new NFT projects that has no analogues in the space.

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