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SiGMA 2019 (SMM Teaser)

Category: Social Media / Release Date: 2020

Project: The Future is Now - SiGMA World's iGaming Festival 2019 (EP 11) The World of iGaming (SMM Teaser)

Objective: Scale SiGMA Group’s original brand and gathering platform ‘World’s iGaming Festival’ along with the film’s co-producers and sponsors headlined by Eman Pulis.

Time in pre-production: 3 days (full film) Time in production: 3 days (full film) Time in post-production: 4 days (teaser only)

SiGMA Group is the parent company to the World’s iGaming Festival, AIBC Summit and Medical Cannabiz World, across Asia, EU and the Middle East. It’s founder Eman Pulis has spearheaded several sectors of emerging tech gatherings making the brand a household stable not just in iGaming but also Blockchain events, several of which we had the pleasure of previously covering several times in Malta. Our 5th and latest engagement with SiGMA, focuses on a new industry which we never worked in before – The World of iGaming. We decided to approach this from something we call the Ocean’s Twelve Perspective. For us the challenge was to make Malta look better than Vegas, you can decide whether we were successful or not.