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Category: Documentary Film / Release Date: 2018

Project: The Future is Now — The Futurist Toronto (EP 03) Crypto Larry King

Objective: Scale North Block & Untraceable Blockchain Events joint venture ‘The Futurist’ Blockchain Conference’s reach and recognition through documentary series The Future is Now.

Time in pre-production: 1 week Time in production: 2 days Time in post-production: 6 weeks

The first ‘The Futurist’ blockchain conference created by Untraceable Events with North Block, spearheading Blockchain events in Ethereum’s home town of Toronto, saw a vast majority of people pull in from all over the world in late Summer of 2018. Larry King had his first dive into crypto, which we at ‘The Future is Now’ had to fully feature and expand on. Amazing speakers like Max Keiser of The Keiser Report, Charles Hoskinson the founder of Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum’s Original Eight, Ryan Taylor of Dash, as well as other prominent figures in the movement of decentralization whom all have flocked to Canada and with great honor took part in our film series. As with most of our ‘The Future is Now’ documentaries, because of the time constraints and the spontaneous nature of Blockchain Conferences, the production literally happened on the go with most attention to the story taking place during post-production. In the end, we managed to pull off a half hour feature documentary on one of the most exciting times in Canadian blockchain history.