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LAPro Medical Solutions

Category: Social Media / Release Date: 2021

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LAPro — Day 1
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Project: LAPro Medical Solutions

Objective: Create a short social media campaign expose for LAPro Medical Solutions to scale its message, presence in the Los Angeles community and expand its operation through newfound interest in its Personal Protection Equipment manufacturing. The task was to create two 60 sec social media content visuals and a new landing page to in-take the leads. From an initial logo of the company and after an interview with its founders, our team produced the following products for the company - a newly designed storefront landing with product online sale distribution capability and two 60 sec videos with two version each, a horizontal sized version for Facebook and/or Linkedin and a squared version for Instagram.

Time in pre-production: 2 days Time in production: 1 day Time in post-production: 1 week

LaPro Medical Solutions is a premiere medical supply company with over 200 health care organizations, municipalities and fortune five hundred companies as our clients. The company began it's journey in 2015 as an initiative for innovative and modern solutions in the Healthcare industry, specifically genome and mutation esearch. Creating new methods for treating various medical conditions.