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Malta Blockchain Summit

Category: Branding Trailer / Release Date: 2018

Project: The Future is Now – Malta Blockchain Summit (EP 06) Building A New World (Trailer)

Objective: Create the first event documentary on the AIBC Summit brand for EmanPulis of SiGMA Group. The summit initially was called Malta Blockchain Summit. In the process scale the branding of the film’s co-producers and sponsors.

Time in pre-production: 5 days Time in production: 3 days Time in post-production: 6 weeks

First iteration of the famous AIBC Summit saw around 8,000 people come together in November 2018 for a fruitful Bitcoin conference, just before the first major crypto winter of the modern hype around the Bitcoin community. Our task was to create memories that when watched, will inspire people to relive the event, thus scaling future events for SiGMA Group’s first Blockchain gathering initiative which under the spearhead of EmanPulis, quickly became a household stable in the world of Blockchain. The film features prominent decentralized futurists like John McAfee, Brandon Synth of Skycoin, Phu Styles of Women in Blockchain and many other front-runners of the Bitcoin world.

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