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Chain 2020: Unchaining Asia

Category: Social Media / Release Date: 2020

Project: The Future is Now - Chain 2020 Hong Kong (EP12) Unchaining Asia (SMM Teaser)

Objective: Create a 60 sec recap teaser of the 12,000 people gathering Chain 2020 and our film episode ‘Unchaining Asia’ for The Future is Now decentralized documentary series and our digital marketing campaign for the film’s episode.

Time in pre-production: 1 day Time in production: 3 days Time in post-production: 2 days (teaser only)

Chain 2020 was the last major Blockchain conference held in Hong Kong on the brink of COVID-19 in January 2020. We were lucky to get in and out of HK just before the whole world came to a short standstill.